Pre and post tours

The tours are informative, offer space for new experiences and can only be visited by the international guests of the ATB. Download the detailed program for pre and post tours now.


Saturday, 14.05. – Monday, 16.05.2022

Carinthian Lake-Loop: 340 km cycling fun along the most beautiful lakes in the South of Austria

The Carinthian Lake Loop connects 11 beautiful lakes in the most southern part of Austria. Mostly on cycle paths or secundary roads cyclists pass amazing landscapes. Clean water with fine temperatures for swimming and surprising colours like the caribean sea, famous Austrian cuisine and mediterranean climate garantuees an outstanding experience. 

Weissensee - Edward Groeger/Kärnten Werbung

Weissensee - Edward Groeger/Kärnten Werbung

Biedermeierkoje/Möbelmuseum Wien

Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H./Severin Wurnig


Sunday, 15.05.2022 1.00 - 3.00 pm

Vienna Furniture Museum

Behind a modern glass façade yet in a building typical of both the Biedermeier era and the late nineteenth-century we can find one of the largest furniture collections in the world. The former “storage room of the Monarchy” is today a universal museum of furnishing and interior design, housing not only the rich inventory of the Imperial and Royal Monarchy but also contemporary design objects. Besides showing supreme craftsmanship and interiors of noble splendour, regular exhibitions are held on furniture design and on famous members of the Habsburg dynasty.


Sunday, 15.05.2022 4.00 - 5.00 pm

MAK – Museum of Applied Arts

Founded in 1863 under Emperor Franz Joseph, the MAK is one of the most grandiose buildings on Vienna's Ringstraße. With its unique collection of precious arts and crafts from five centuries, it is one of the most important museums of its kind worldwide. A museum highlight is the exhibition "Vienna 1900" with masterpieces of the Wiener Werkstätte by Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser as well as design icons by Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos. In addition, the MAK regularly presents top-class temporary exhibitions from the fields of art, design and architecture.

Lower Austria

Monday, 16.05.2022 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Stift Klosterneuburg: Highlight tour and wine tasting

Embark on an exclusive tour of the abbey's premises with our cultural mediators. Admire the world-famous Verdun altar from the 12th century, marvel at the exquisite furnishings of the baroqueised collegiate church, view the Austrian archducal hat in the treasury and be amazed about the private apartments of Emperor Charles VI, father of Maria Theresa. At the end of the tour you get a chance to take a take a look at the atmospheric baroque wine cellar. The wine cellar visualises the 900-year history of wine production in Austria's oldest winery. Afterwards you get to enjoy a tasting of 3 wines from the abbey’s vineyard in a historic setting – or, upon request, of the abbey's own naturally cloudy apple juices.


Monday, 16.05.2022 10.00 am

Unteres Belvedere: Dalí - Freud. An Obsession

Salvador Dalí and Sigmund Freud: one man's art, another man's theories. The theories of Freud clearly fascinated Dalí, perhaps to the point of obsession – his greatest desire was to someday meet his idol. He made multiple unsuccessful attempts at contact, including a trip to Vienna in April 1937 that also failed to produce an introduction. Finally, at the urging of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and the poet Edward James, Freud agreed to a meeting in London in July 1938. This comprehensive exhibition illustrates the obsession for the psychoanalytical in the work of the Surrealists, particularly as it is present in Dali's surrealist pictorial world.


Monday, 16.05.2022, 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Schloss Hof Estate

Situated in the southernmost part of the Weinviertel near Bratislava is Austria’s largest rural stately home and estate, Schloss Hof Estate. The estate, measuring around 70 hectares, was purchased by the legendary military leader Prince Eugene of Savoy and extended and remodelled under Maria Theresa. A grand Baroque palace, a landscaped terraced garden and a real live estate farm with theme gardens and petting zoo all together provide an unforgettable experience for visitors of every age. The former hunting lodge Schloss Niederweiden with its annexed Game Kitchen belongs to the Schloss Hof Estate and is a genuine insider’s tip!


Monday, 16.05.2022, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm

Sisi Museum mit Kaiserappartements und Silberkammer in der Wiener Hofburg

The winter residence of the Habsburgs holds a three-fold attraction as a destination: The Sisi Museum is devised as a sensitive scenario of myth and reality, accompanying Sisi from her carefree childhood in Bavaria until her death in Geneva. The Imperial Apartments – 19 historically authentic official and residential rooms – offer an in-depth view into the world lived in by Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. The Imperial Silver Collection documents the opulent luxury and delights of the Imperial table. Follow the imperial trail and make your tour through the imperial rooms even more enjoyable with a free audio guide in thirteen different languages


Monday, 16.05.2022, 11.00 am

Unteres Belvedere: The Invention of Venice in the 19th Century

Viva la Mamma! A pivotal moment in the 1950s film captures Sissi embracing her child amid the cheering crowds in St. Mark's Square. The scene has its roots in a myth that has been part of Austria's collective memory since the 19th century: Venice. Like many myths, this vision of the lagoon city had to be invented first – also by way of numerous pictorial representations. Viva Venezia!


Monday, 16.05.2022, 12.00 - 4.00 pm

Vollpension: Sweet Walk: Social-Grandma-Gastro-Insider-Tour

We have reinvented the classic Viennese coffee house tradition and given it a social twist. Our intergenerational coffeehouses show that young and old can work together and that grandma makes the best cakes. And you have now the opportunity to go on a unique tour with one of our grandmas and discover the exciting world of Vollpension together with her. And by the way, you get great insights into the beautiful city of Vienna. This experience takes you from Schwedenplatz via Kärtnerstraße, on to the Naschmarkt and the home base of the Vollpension in the 4th district to the new Vollpension studio on Mariahilfer Straße.


Monday, 16.05.2022, 1.00 pm

Gustav Klimt and his time

The Belvedere's world-famous collection: landmark pieces of Viennese Modernism by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, and Helene Funke await you. Take a fresh look at the most comprehensive collection of paintings by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and the Viennese Biedermeier and discover gems of Austrian art from the Middle Ages and the Baroque – come face-to-face, for example, with the legendary "Character Heads" of F. X. Messerschmidt. Other highlights are works by pivotal artists such as Claude Monet, Elena Luksch-Makowsky, Vincent van Gogh, or Auguste Rodin presented in dialogue with contemporary perspectives.


Monday, 16.05.2022, 1.00 pm

Schönbrunn Palace. Grand Tour

Forty rooms– forty fascinating stories from three centuries. This tour will give you a picture of the different stylistic eras of the imperial monarchy and the lives of the palace‘s inhabitants. You will see the state rooms and private apartments of Franz Joseph and Sisi. You'll also see the precious 18th-century interiors from the time of Maria Theresia. Schönbrunn Palace is a World Heritage Site and Austria's most visited attraction. Take a tour of the state rooms of Schönbrunn Palace and discover the private chambers of the imperial couple Franz Joseph & Sisi and the precious rooms from the time of Maria Theresa. The Great Gallery, the Dressing Room of Empress Elisabeth, the Marie Antoinette Room, the Porcelain Room and many other highlights await you!


Monday, 16.05.2022, 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm

ALBERTINA – a unique combination of Imperial Flair and fine Art

Located in Vienna’s historic city center, ALBERTINA introduces Imperial charm to a contemporary art museum of the highest standards. The ALBERTINA ranks below the most popular art Museums in Austria and was named one of the Seven Urban Wonders of the World in 2018. In our magnificent Habsburg State Rooms you will immerse yourself. This tour will present the variety and range of the ALBERTINA. Join our quick “tour d’art-history” in our permanent exhibition “Monet to Picasso” where we will show artworks of the main iconic styles of Classical Modern Art, like Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism and Cubism. In our Habsburg State Rooms, also an exclusive imperial event-location, you’ll immerse yourself in the lavish former living quarters of the Habsburg family and explore imperial life as well as Austria’s history. We will be happy to explain the variety of experiences we offer, such as art-workshops, guided tours or events.


Monday, 16.05.2022, 3.00 pm

ALBERTINA modern - Vienna’s first choice for modern and contemporary art

As the newest addition to Austria’s federal museum landscape, ALBERTINA modern is set to be among the world’s major museums of art from the present era. We’ll present the new venue and its current exhibitions, AiWeiWei and Klimt.


Wednesday, 18.05.– 20.05.2022

Vienna Highlight Attractions, Shopping in the biggest Designer Outlet in Parndorf and excitement in the  cultural & natural landscape of Lake Neusiedl -Burgenland

With 300 days of sunshine and a wide range of excursion destinations, Burgenland offers unforgettable experiences, specially Shopping in the largest Designer Outlet in Parndorf.

Upper Austria

Wednesday, 18.05. – 20.05.2022


Welcome to the Salzkammergut: we enjoy the nature and ride the e-MTB from Gosau to Hallstatt. Beautiful views of mountains and lakes included. A stop with typical delicacies in a hut is also planned. The next day we explore the Traunsee-Almtal region.


Wednesday, 18.05. – Friday, 20.05.2022

Vienna Convention Bureau: Experience Vienna through local eyes

Vibrant Vienna offers you an impressive meet- ing infrastructure with short distances and the highest level of comfort. We are pleased to get to know you and to introduce you as Vienna Convention Bureau to ideal locations and conference hotels from over 200 different venues. Experience a city full of possibilities: from the traditional house with old masters on the walls to the boutique hotel in a stylish atmosphere. Outside the meeting rooms, the sustainable city of Vienna shows its full charm and inspires with a potpourri of unique typical Viennese offers.


Wednesday, 18.05. – Friday, 20.05.2022

Steiermark Convention: Culinary and culture in Styria – the Green Heart of Austria

Conference and seminar guests can explore Austria´s culinary side in three ways: sampling, visiting and experiencing. Conferencing in Styria is synonymous with pure enjoyment from start to finish, putting joy in the heart (and stomach!) of every partcipant. 


Wednesday, 18.05. – 20.05.2022

Salzburg between tradition and modernity – 25 years Unesco World Cultural Heritage

Salzburg is world famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as the stage for the Salzburg Festival and as the location for the Sound of Music. If you take a closer look, you will discover perfect harmony of nature and architecture embedded in the wonderful panorama of the surrounding mountains and lakes.  In 1997 Salzburg´s old town was placed on UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage: in addition to the uniqueness of the old town and the prince-archbishop’s architecture of the city, Salzburg’s importance as a music metropolis and the birthplace of W.A. Mozart were decisive for the award. A walk through the baroque town on the river Salzach, which is celebrating 25 years of Unesco World Heritage this year, lets history breathe. Narrow streets, listed landmark buildings and magnificent squares – these are the things we know and love about Salzburg. But the city has more than just one face: extravagant architecture, spectacular works of art, contemporary design and trendy restaurants stand in sharp contrast to the baroque city’s nostalgic flair. The post tour offers an insight into today’s Salzburg, a city shaped by the course of time between tradition and modernity .


Wednesday, 18.05. – 21.05.2022

The Ötzi Trek - On the Trail of the Iceman

The new ASI long-distance hiking trail across the Alps.

On the trail of the Iceman, we hike between North Tyrol/Austria and South Tyrol/Italy across the Alps. The new ASI long-distance hiking trail from Landeck to Bolzano allows us to discover the route that people took well over 5000 years ago to cross the mighty main ridge of the Alps. Along the way were hunters who traded, or, like Ötzi, were on the run from persecution. The Ötzi Trek takes you past places and sites of the early human history, framed by an exciting story. Experience a rugged and fantastic mountain landscape, characterized by mystical marshes, lonely mountain passes, and eternal ice. The highlight of the trail is a visit to the site where Ötzi was found, at an altitude of over 3000m. Surrounded by a unique mountain landscape, here you will experience the history of the death of the Iceman, how he lived, and where he came from. Our post-tour to the ATB Fair will show you some selected routes of the Ötzi trek, the new ASI Signature Way. The ASI original journey leads us, in 8 days, from Landeck, Austria to Bolzano, South Tyrol, where the preserved mummy of the Iceman is located today.


Wednesday, 18.05. – 21.05.2022

Slow Tourism in the Kitzbühel Alps | Tyrol

On this tour to Tyrol, you can choose between culinary e-bike tours or mindful hikes in the heart of the Alps. You will experience the breathtaking Tyrolean mountains in a sustainable and conscious way with specially trained guides.