#design meets e-bikes: sustainable tourism and renewable energy

The world knows Austria as a country for its bicycle lanes where one can experience nature, people, culture and history. From Bregenzerwald over the Alpe Adria cycle way to the Neusiedlersee many guests and participants of corporate events can be seen.

Would you like to talk to people of all ages and all fitness states for the purpose of enjoying Austria´s lanes?

The bicycle bank MONNA is a recharge and relax station at strategic geographical points at the lanes. MONNA is the perfect starting point to immerse into the world of intelligent cycle equipment and it intensifies the cycle experience. The bank shows has huge potential: power outlet for recharging the e-bike, reparation tools, inductive power stations for the mobile phone, WIFI, night lightning etc. The bicycle bank has integrated sensors which collects information about the amount of charged bicycles, the weather and other components. This information can be recalled through a central data dashboard. MONNA bank with strong solar panels and elegant design can be installed everywhere – in the city and also on the countryside.

Smartbench-austria is going to be a part of the Digital Marketplace by NETA on Monday and Tuesday.


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