Innovation Campus

It is the year 2022 - and the world is changing. We are taking this transformation as an opportunity to change everything that lies within our sphere of action for the better. Here, participants can exchange ideas on current trends and prototypes based on human creativity and be inspired by the speakers' important approaches to solutions.

Innovation and creativity network

As part of the program, we are addressing megatrends that will fundamentally shape our everyday lives in the coming years. That's why we are saying: Understand the future today to use tomorrow's knowledge.

The digital exhibition of tomorrow

Austrian Creator Metaversum

The trend around the metaverse and NFTs has already made its mark in 2021. In order to test the exciting possibilities of this technology and learn new things in the process, we have seized the opportunity to use the Metaversum as a digital exhibition. The impressive works of the Austrian Creators can be experienced in a new way in this setting. If you have always wanted to own a piece of Austria, you can purchase the NFTs of the Austrian Creators. 

To move around the metaverse here are instructions: 

  • Press "Enter World."
  • Use "WASD" keys to move to desired image.
  • Press "E" key on desired image to open menu and description.
  • Click on "VIEW ON OPENSEA".
  • Click "Buy now" to complete the purchase process.
  • To complete the purchase process, you need to connect your wallet to the provider
Enter the metaversum!

Experience the best moments live

Live Prototyping

Immerse guests directly in your company with live moments. Use live marketing to direct customer flows. Use live data to ensure the best customer interaction, just when it matters. Wiffme brings your real passion, your emotions, the best moments live to your customers. Find out more at our Innovations Campus in hall x5 at the Wiffme booth - or on the website below!

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