Next Level Tourism Austria

Next Level Tourism Austria (NETA) is a networking initiative that aims to connect the traditional Austrian tourism structures with the international travel and technology scene. NETA’s activities primarily revolve around seamless travel and the guest and trends of tomorrow. In close collaboration with the Austrian tourism industry we want to promote digital innovation in a tourism setting.

Self-paced. Competitive. Austria’s small-structured tourism industry in a digital world. 

Digitalization is developing rapidly. Our day-to-day life is more and more shaped by technological evolution – which results in a complete change in tomorrow’s travelling. New interfaces such as voice assistants or different online platforms characterize the way we will be travelling in the future – creating new challenges for the tourism sector.

In Austria, the tourism industry works on a small-scale level which poses a challenge for the national implementation of digital solutions. Many small and medium-sized companies do not dispose of the necessary technological expertise and time resources to get to know the different aspects and possibilities of digital developments. This is where the networking initiative Next Level Tourism Austria (NETA) comes in.

How does NETA work?
NETA develops and presents different technological solutions and their implementation possibilities in Austrian tourism companies and organizations, focusing on the following areas:

  • Knowledge transfer: distribution of content on developments with high relevance for the tourism industry
  • Development of digital competence: focusing on data handling and prototyping projects in collaboration with the tourism sector.
  • Networking with relevant players from the international start-up scene, global tec-platforms etc.

Together we aim to take tourism to another level.

Digital Marketplace by NETA
During the Österreichische Tourismustage 2020, NETA will host a so-called “Digital Marketplace”, presenting a variety of creative and innovative digital projects from the Austrian tourism industry and other sectors.

Everybody who would like to sell a touristic product, please do not hestitate to register at TravelTEC Expo.

NETA exhibitors are persons who present prototypes without excisting business model (like test projects at hackathons or other events) or strategic partners of NETA (e.g. Datahub).