Young Talents Award

The Austrian Tourism Day on May 2, 2023 at the Austria Center Vienna in Vienna brings together top national and international decision-makers, tourism business partners, media representatives, industry experts and young talents. In order to give these "young talents" and their innovative ideas space, the Austrian National Tourist Office organizes an innovation competition in cooperation with the Austrian Society for Applied Research in the Tourism and Leisure Industry (ÖGAF).

Sustainability topic "Natural shelters"


The innovation competition aims to give the future workforce of the tourism industry and their potential employers the chance to make lasting connections, to exchange ideas and to inspire each other.

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Zollnersee im Gailtal Kaernten, Oesterreich Werbung, Michael Stabentheiner

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Goal of this competition

Goal of this competition is to find original, innovative but also economically sustainable concepts and solutions for the Austrian tourism industry. 

The objective of the competition is to stimulate innovative concepts for sustainable tourism and to create the balancing act between tourism, nature compatibility and tourism acceptance in the local population – for example through visitor flow management, knowledge transfer, offer development and waste management.



The top 3 teams with the best proposed solutions will be informed by march and will also have the opportunity to experience a pitch-training with our experts before the Austrian Tourism Day. They will then present their concepts in the form of an 7 minute elevator pitch.


Natrual shelters, a transformation between tourism and natrual compatibility.

Austrias natrual landscapes fascinate guests but also locals in the same way. Especially natrual shelters are more than a scenery of leisure activities. They offer natrual conservation, research and mediation. But how much active protection does nature really need? How can the transformation between tourism, natrual comapibility and tourism acceptance between the locals become successful? Can natrual shelters like e.g. national parks close the gap between sustainability and active regeneration (ecologically, economically and socially)? This is where your ideas and concepts are asked on topics such as visitor flow management, knowledge transfer, development of offers and waste management.

Target group

Do you like to stand on a stage as a team and convince people of your idea? Do you also meet the following requirements?

Then this is the right competition for you!

  • Students in bachelor or master studies with focus on tourism
  • Young professionals from the tourism industry (between the ages of 18 and 35)
  • The application is made as a team of 2-3 persons
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Application until February 28

Expert jury

If you are passionate about sustainability and we have picked up your interest, apply here until February 28, 2023. The jury of experts will decide which concepts will be shortlisted and presented to the public on stage at the Austrian Tourism Day on May 2, 2023. 

Rundgang durch die Stadt Linz, Oesterreich Werbung,

Rundgang durch die Stadt Linz, Oesterreich Werbung,

Great prizes

Apart from the opportunities to expand your network in the tourism industry, exciting prizes await

1st place: € 1.500 per team member, appearance at ÖW Aktuell and an activity in the national park.

2nd prize: Tickets for the Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz

3rd prize: Overnight stay for 3 days with breakfast in a sustainable destination in Austria

In addition, we are giving away 9 places for an exclusive presentation workshop with coaching conducted by experts from the Austrian National Tourist Office. 

Participate and win

Expert jury & audience

The best jury is a jury that combines different perspectives. Therefore, we have selected members from different industries to share the stage with you at the Austrian Tourism Day: The President of the Federal Tourism Division and ÖGAF, personalities from the start-up scene as well as the Chief Digital & Innovation Officer of the Austrian National Tourist Office. In addition, the audience can vote online as the 5th jury member. 

Hosting by top athlete Alexandra Meissnitzer


The Young Talents Award is hosted by top Olympic athlete Alexandra Meissnitzer, a public figure who cares about both young talents and the environment.

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