Was ist, was kommt? Zukünftige Arbeitswelten in Hotellerie und Gastronomie


Keynote: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vanessa Borkmann/ Fraunhofer-Institut

How is work within the hospitality industry changing? Which trends are relevant for this? How are established job profiles changing? Which recommended actions and learnings can be implemented in practice? In her keynote speech, Prof. Dr. Vanessa Borkmann talks about the findings from the FutureHotel project’s research on the subject of new work within the hospitality industry. These are based on the results of a DACH region survey amongst 4,000 people employed within the hospitality industry and interviews with representatives of major professional and industry associations. She presents innovative work models, addresses the trend towards flexible working hours and location, as well as making content more flexible.

The keynote will be followed by a panel discussion:

This panel discusses different perspectives from consulting, advocacy, science and operational practice. The focus is on employees and a paradigm shift within the job market. Because those who don’t base what they offer on the needs of their employees will no longer be top players. In order to be successful, you have to meet the demands of the job market as well as those of guests. Satisfied employees make a significant contribution towards the success of a business. In order to remain competitive not only against competition, but also against other job market sectors, hotel and catering establishments have to react now.

Panel participants: