Lisa Weddig

Managing Director, Austrian National Tourist Office

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Portrait Photo of Lisa Weddig

Managing Director, Austrian National Tourist Office

The passionate tourism expert began her career with a degree in Business Administration in International Tourism Studies at Harz University of Applied Sciences in Wernigerode, Harz. In the years that followed, she worked across various areas of the TUI Group, gaining management experience within tour operators, hotels, travel agencies and airlines. Her different positions took her to five countries with her most recent role being that of Managing Director of TUI Austria, in which she was responsible for 650 employees and a revenue of around 700 million euros in Austria and 10 CEE countries. She is a lecturer on ways out of the tourism crisis at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and has played a key role in shaping Austria as a tourist destination since June 2021 as Managing Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office.


  • Opening
    • Susanne Kraus-Winkler, State Secretary for Tourism
    • Robert Seeber, Head of the Federal Tourism and Leisure Industries Division
    • Lisa Weddig, CEO Austrian National Tourist Office