Astrid Legner

The future belongs to creative minds. A transformative process using austriaguide as an example.

(c) Astrid Legner

Astrid Legner

To remain competitive in the future, it is crucial to have good ideas, recognize customer requirements and trends and keep an open mind on cooperation possibilities and business models. The creative industry offers a large variety of possibilities in this regard: competences in areas such as digitalization, design and communication allow creative minds to guide the tourism industry into a successful future. To show how such a cooperation can work, Creative Industries Austria (KAT) will present the best practice example “austriaguides”. Together with experts of KAT, the austrian tour guide association “austriaguides” has started a transformation process as a pilot project.
Sabrina Oswald, marketing expert and the workshop’s moderator, Astrid Legner, industry spokeswoman of “austriaguides” in the Austrian Economic Chamber, will present relevant findings from the transformation workshop. Thomas Layer-Wagner, interactive media expert and one of the advisory creative minds of the project, will speak about playfulness, virtual reality, augmented reality and (city)gamification and outline his impressions of the industry’s requirements. 


Tuesday May 26th,
15:00 - 15:30


Austria Center Vienna


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Astrid Legner - portrait

For 17 years, Astrid Legner has held the position of industry spokeswoman for tour guides in the Austrian Economic Chamber. Herself being a certified tour guide, she has inspired both guests and locals with her knowledge and acted as an ambassador for Austria for more than 20 years. Her main interests are the positioning of the brand “austriaguides”, the creation of a perfect working environment for tour guides and the optimization of education and training.