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Christoph Pachucki

We love great stories. Which doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing that stories are not only considered to be the oldest form of communication of humankind, but they also touch, affect and inspire us. Today’s tourism industry, however, is increasingly digital and experience-oriented – which is why stories have to be reinvented. How can we do that? Christoph Pachucki will address the question in the course of this panel discussion and demonstrate, how destinations and the tourism industry in general can create a good story.


Tuesday May 26th,
16:10 - 16:50


Austria Center Vienna


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Christoph Pachucki – portrait

The world of Christoph Pachucki consist of letters, words and stories. As a freelance storytelling expert, he assists tourism businesses and service companies in telling their own story and thus creating a relevant and authentic advertising image. In the course of his doctoral programme, Pachucki researched “creative and innovative storytelling in tourism destinations” and examined the magic of stories in a scientific way.