Franz Hirschmugl

Brands as Tourism’s teachers

(c) Franz Hirschmugl

Franz Hirschmugl

If they didn’t make people’s lives better and easier, brands wouldn’t have as much success as they do now. Brands allow consumers to safely steer through an ocean of different products and services, they help to make relevant products and offers more recognizable, reduce the risk of choosing the wrong option and create remarkable experiences. Brand technology as used by businesses acting on an international level can also help boost small and medium-sized enterprises: A brand doesn’t need millions, but first and foremost the right attitude.

In an interactive and practical way, this keynote will demonstrate how the principles of brands can be applied in a touristic setting.


Tuesday May 26th, 2019
14:20 - 15:00


Austria Center Vienna


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Franz Hirschmugl - portrait

Born in 1960. Aries. Very curious. This already sums it up quite accurately. He started off as editor at an Austrian daily newspaper before diving into the principles of motivation research and communication theory – which resulted in the founding of an advertising agency. An aversion against the shallowness of the advertisement industry lead Hirschmugl to intensively study brands as emotional manifestation of underlying strategies and to the founding of the Institute for Brand Development („Instituts für Markenentwicklung“) in Graz.

Hirschmugl currently works on topics such as society, health, tourism and media – and on himself. He is happily married and father of three delightful children.