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Events – an ideal tool to meet marketing communication goals

(c) Hannes Jagerhofer

Hannes Jagerhofer

Because of its size and its media landscape, Austria proves itself to be an ideal location for events. Using “beach volleyball” as an example, the event expert Hannes Jagerhofer points out that events with a successful premiere in Austria may be able to perform well on an international level if one implements several small adjustments. Furthermore, events are a perfect platform for the company-internal positioning of one’s brand – which means giving the employees a sense of pride for working for the company.
But: when can an event actually be called “event”? To answer this critical question, we need to understand which requirements have to be met to satisfy our own and our guests’ expectations.


Tuesday May 26th, 2019
11:40 - 12:10


Austria Center Vienna


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Hannes Jagerhofer - portrait

Hannes Jagerhofer is an Austrian entrepreneur, marketing and PR manager, events-expert and author. He is also the founder of the ACTS group, one of Austria’s most prestigious events and communications agency. Building on the ACTS group, Jagerhofer founded the company Beach Majors ltd. Since 2015, Beach Majors ltd. in collaboration with Red Bull organizes the Beach Volleyball Major Series, a series of some of the most prestigious sports tournaments of FIVB World Tour. In 2006, Hannes Jagerhofer founded the travel portal checkfelix which he then sold to the global market leader in 2011. At the moment, he runs the shipping portal, launched in Germany in 2018.

In 2020, the agency ACTS is celebrating its 30th anniversary.