Hanni Rützler

When food becomes an experience – food trends in times of sustainability and transparency

(c) Hanni Ruetzler

Hanni Rützler

More and more consumers today make a point of “experiencing” their food rather than simply “consuming” it. The interest in production and quality, the raw products and the different methods of preparation is continually growing. To meet these new expectations and build a solid relationship of trust with guests and even the most critical of consumers, producers, trade and gastronomy respond with new offers, well-founded information and gripping storytelling.

In her talk, renowned trend researcher Hanni Rützler addresses relevant food trends and presents numerous best practice approaches to communication between providers and consumers.


Tuesday May 26th,
10:15 - 10:50


Austria Center Vienna


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Hanni Rützler – portrait

The founder and head of futurefoodstudios is one of the leading researchers of food trends in Europe. She is known for her holistic understanding of the change in today’s culinary culture. The trained nutritionist and health psychologist has a well-founded overview not only on the developments in the German speaking and European area, but also on global trends. She disposes of a deep knowledge on how to move from one professional field to the other, how to merge her findings – and how to continually find new ways to inspire her listeners. She has been researching developments for 25 years and has learned to distinguish between sustainable food trends and short-term media hypes.