Xenia zu Hohenlohe

50 Shades of Green – how we “experience” sustainability in tourism

(c) Xenia zu Hohenlohe

Xenia zu Hohelohe

This talk will be a tour through the different aspects of sustainability and it will outline that “sustainability” is nothing more than the sum of many small parts = 50 shades of green!

One of the most important topics in 2019 was plastic waste and how to reduce it – in tourism as much as in any other industry. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. How much energy and water do I consume, how can I monitor my supply chain and avoid items or services that use slavery in their production, how can I improve the communication and collaboration with local suppliers and how can I inspire my employees follow my lead?

Our guests require increasing transparency in regards to all the issues above which is why we have to address them, communicate them in an appealing and creative manner and do our best to create “guest experiences” from sustainability initiatives.   


Tuesday May 26th,
17:20 - 17:50


Austria Center Vienna


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Xenia zu Hohenlohe -portrait

Xenia zu Hohenlohe is a founding partner and current CEO of the Considerate Group, a company specialized on sustainable services and solutions for the hotel and catering industry. Considerate Group offers CSR strategy support, reporting and workshops for employees as well as innovative technologies that provide the possibility to monitor one’s resources. Oetker Collection, Steigenberger Hotels, Ruby Hotels, Qbic, Small Luxury Hotels are only some of the companies that rely on the services of Considerate Group.

Furthermore, Xenia zu Hohenlohe is a member of the board of directors of Langenburger Forum and the Austrian World Summit, a climate conference organized every year by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s R20 regions in Vienna.